Movie Reviews – Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel

Film Reviews this week takes a gander at the sci-fi satire Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel. It stars the clever Chris O’Doyd (The IT Crowd, something about him helps me to remember the companion minister in father Ted), as Ray, a science nerd, straight from losing his employment, who alongside two of his closest companions Toby and Pete played by Marc Wooton and Dean Lennox Kelly (Shameless) individually, are examining time travel, in their nearby bar one day as no one but geeks can. Visit – ฉากตามหนัง


As Ray heads out to the bar to arrange three pints, he returns to his companions and discloses to them an unfathomable story of having met a young lady at the bar who reveals to him she is from the future, his companions ignore it, expecting he is either testing their sanity, or she perhaps a neighborhood stripper with an American pronunciation. The young lady Cassie played by the beautiful Anna Faris (Scary Movie) is truly from the future, and is here to fix a “Period Leak”, evidently later on specialists can return in time with their bodies designed with it’s own time machine, and obviously the typical guidelines of not meddling with the future actually applies, so exacting about returning and meddling in a chronicled function, that could clear out a few blood lines, for example, returning to forestall World War II.


Obviously Ray’s companions don’t accept a solitary word he says, until one of them, Pete, goes to the latrine, however on getting back to the bar sees that everybody in the bar is dead, he runs back to the latrine, returns out again and clearly he is once again at the bar with his companions and everybody is as yet alive, he discloses to them the amazing story, and despite the fact that they ignore it, he proposes that for it to transpire, for example for them to go as expected, they would need to experience similar movements he did, to observe the future, and follows a clever scene where they follow his accurate developments, even down to the manner in which he shakes his hands in the wake of utilizing the latrine. They return to the bar, evidently not seeing anything odd, until they are nearly at their spot in the bar when shockingly, they see themselves, sitting at the bar just minutes sooner, examining what they were discussing prior.


From this obvious “Time spill” they attempt to return to their own time, meeting Cassie en route who is attempting to fix the time spill, evidently not succeeding each time, on one of their outings to the future, they find that they have been deified by mankind, with a colossal spray painting of them at the bar, examining a significant bit of paper Toby has written in his numerous endeavors to compose a decent sci-fi content, Hollywood would acknowledge.

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